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01 Febuary 2022 - Black History

Two of the greatest African American men to grace the twentieth century. Malcom X and Muhammad Ali were aligned like blood brothers . The evil of men misaligned the two and the result one life (Malcolm X) ended up in a tragedy. Although Muhammad Ali lived a life of great triumph and success each one of these men encouraged generations of African Americans to do great things. As I celebrate African American heritage this Feburary I am grateful for both Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X for standing for something and not falling for anything. Amen. Available in Limited Editions. of 50. Certificate of Authenticity

Michael K Williams

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06 September 2022 - Celebrity

One of the most disturbing issues about living the American experience is Substance abuse. How many lives are going to continue to move into eternity prematurely due to it. Many of the challenges that we face in our lives escalate when we use substances. Once you encounter the use of drugs, alcohol, and pills it is very difficult to put down. It takes a strong love of God and self to put into perspective a life without substances. For those who disagree with this statement you have to develop an esteem level of self that identifies with you and only you. This is the place where God comes in. Limited Edition Print 30 (Certificate is available)


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Nosaka comes to me from the strength of the young tennis champion Naomi Osaka. Established in 1997 this champion won my attention with her struggle with her challenges. The battle that ensued while she managed to address her challenges and say no to the sports and tennis world was outstanding. To say no to millions of dollars while on top of her game. She is breath of fresh air to all who struggle with taken time off instead of hard charging into death through mental illness.

I Am Not Your Negro

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Inspired by James Baldwin's unfinished manuscript, Remember This House, a collection of notes and letters written by Baldwin in the mid-1970s.[6] The documentary I Am Not Your Negro includes some of Baldwin's thoughts on the lives and deaths of his close friends and civil rights leaders Medgar Evers (assassinated in 1963), Malcolm X (assassinated in 1965), and Martin Luther King Jr. (assassinated in 1968). In the documentary, the voice of Samuel Jackson softly reading James Baldwin's notes clarify his intention in writing this manuscript: "I want these 3 lives to bang against and reveal each other, as in truth they did, and use their dreadful journey as a means of instructing the people whom they loved so much...and for whom they gave their lives..." [taking on "the lies and the hope of a nation"].One of the most interesting revelations about this documentary it reveals the present day America.

Nipsey H

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FROM THAT TIME JESUS BEGAN TO PREACH, AND TO SAY, REPENT FOR THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS AT HAND. MATTHEW 4:17 While visiting the news account of the life of this young man my heart and mind visited the scripture out of Matthew 4:17. The image of this man and his life defines the words that describe a life that begins one way and finishes another. Mr Hustle actions are truly indicative of the word of God which defines a pure heart. It says; Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God. Matthew 5:8. In our daily lives repentance offers us the ability to start each day fresh and new. Every day God puts before us blessings and curses providing us with the opportunity to live by choosing the lord. (Deuteronomy 30:19 ,20) In the end God's tabernacle (dwelling place)is with men (Revelation 21:3)Amen.

Good Trouble

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But the salvation of the righteous is of the Lord: He is their strength in the time of trouble Psalm 37:39 This image takes its place as I was reminded of the challenges we face as a nation of those which encourage an atmosphere of division and hatred. We have become so troubled as a nation that it removes us from the kindness necessary to love one another as we do ourselves. There are many among us who cause trouble in ways that moves our hearts and minds to reconcile our differences and move as one nation under God with Liberty and Justice for all. That is good trouble. The foundation of this images stems from US house of representative from Massachusetts Ayanna Pressley who represents her district with great power and love. That is Good Trouble. Amen